#dailywritingchallenge – hope

What an amazing word, filled with different meanings and associations.  I think of Star Wars:  A New Hope and all the messages about good and evil which come along with the whole saga.  I am also drawn to the persecution of the Jewish people in WW2.  Anne Frank’s diary is filled with hope, it’s what she needed to keep her focused and sane during the terrible times she experiences.  I also remember singing a song in a choir, the words of which were taken from words found written on the wall of a cellar in Cologne after the end of WW2.


“I believe in the sun
even when it is not shining
And I believe in love,
even when there’s no one there.
And I believe in God,
even when he is silent.

I believe through any trial,
there is always a way
But sometimes in this suffering
and hopeless despair
My heart cries for shelter,
to know someone’s there
But a voice rises within me, saying hold on
my child, I’ll give you strength,
I’ll give you hope. Just stay a little while.

I believe in the sun
even when it is not shining
And I believe in love
even when there’s no one there
But I believe in God
even when he is silent
I believe through any trial
there is always a way.

May there someday be sunshine
May there someday be happiness
May there someday be love
May there someday be peace….”


I can’t begin to understand the fear of the Jewish people at that time but this poem and Anne Frank’s diary give us a little window into how strong the human character can be in the face of adversity.  Hope has played and will continue to play key role in this strength.

The last few days have been difficult here in the present.  Without going into to any detail, the existence of our school and our positions are in question.  There is a lot of anger and stress going around the staff channels but I am trying to be philosophical.  Career wise I am straight-laced and reliable.  I have never been fired, nor I have ever been disciplined.  To potentially leave after a year in world where 2 year contracts are the norm, makes me feel uncomfortable.  That said, I am only 8 years in to my teaching career and I have a lot ahead of me.  This is a difficult time but if I leave, it will end up being a small blip.   Hope plays a key role in situations like these.  I am blessed to have a lovely family and also the opportunity to go and live the good life in France, in family property, should it come to it.  I think teachers as a breed are generally full of hope.  We are always looking for the silver lining, the glimmer of potential with that particularly difficult student or class.  We have to be excellent judges of character and sometimes our decisions are entirely based on hope.  No matter what we face, there will be a light at the end of the tunnel.

‘I believe through any trial
there is always a way.’


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