#dailywritingchallenge – perseverance

This post will not be long or elegant as it is built out of frustration.

I don’t know if I have mentioned previously how impressed I have been the past 6 weeks with the leadership at my school and our approach to remote learning…well I have. We have had our difficulties this year but I felt that things have been on the up. This changed yesterday.

We, the Primary staff, received an email at 3pm from our head telling us that from today we would be rolling out a new timetable including 4 hours of live instruction for EYFS and KS1 children due to the feedback from around 100 parents deciding whether to pay their fees or not. This is was a huge shift compared to what we had been doing and was made for the few not the many.

Living abroad , working in a new school requires perseverance at the best of times. Not only do you need to adapt to the new culture but you also need to hit the ground running in class because there is no safety net. The last 8 months have made me think a lot about what makes good teaching, learning and leadership and whilst I can safely say it hasn’t been my favourite period it has helped me gain confidence as a teacher.

Today has been full of emotion, from me and my colleagues. I have drafted so many emails I would like to send but shouldn’t. I have had a phone call with the head following my comments on a live staff chat and I have had another phone call with colleague who is here on her own while the rest of her family are on the front line in the UK because of their roles in society. Mental health is on a knife edge for many.

Teaching requires a lot of perseverance. It is a quality of many of us that we keep going and get the job done. Sadly it is also this quality that has led to thousands of colleagues having to be ‘on rota’ in schools in the UK without adequate protection or support. It is also this fact that means that school owners of private schools can abuse the devotion we have to our work.

I am fuming right now but I will persevere. My students still need me and whilst I will continue to have professional discussions outside of the ‘classroom’ I will still come through for them…but in a way that puts their needs first.

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